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Xsosys technology had the opportunity of rendering its service to yet another major industrial giant ELTEK - EV Industrial.

27 August, 2013

Xsosys technology had the opportunity of rendering its service to yet another major industrial giant which manufactures and provides power systems to high end users like the Singapore MRT and so on. Ev industrial is an Engineering company of high quality Power Systems and has continuously provided excellent total power solutions in the industrial segment throughout Southeast Asia. EV Industrial Pte Ltd mainly concentrates into the design and development of effective power conversions. It offers complete power solutions with multiple AC and DC output voltages, from a previous Thyristor-controlled pulse (standard 6-pulse or optional 12-pulse) to the latest Switch-mode Technology.

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Winston Engineering Since 1977 - Xsosys has been awarded to Build up the Web based Application with Login System.

09 May, 2013

Working on a project for a 30 year old company was a neat and pleasant experience for Xsosys technology. The project came out wonderful to the client satisfaction as well. Established since 1977 Winston engineering have been specialising in pump technology with a network of branches and subsidiaries throughout Indonesia, Malaysia, China and Singapore. The company provides pumps for applications requiring municipal & plumbing works, sewerage treatment, waste water disposal, air conditioning and the oil, gas and petroleum industries as well as covering general industrial pumping applications such as chemical transfer. Pumps range from air operated double diaphragm, end suction centrifugal, submersible, seal-less magnetic and gear, reciprocating, high pressure to vacuum pumps type and many more.

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11 November, 2012

The most promising Indian entrepreneur award was credited to our CEO Mr.Vadivel Padmanaban of Xsosys technology on the 11-11-2012 after a stiff competition in the segment. The event was telecast on the local television and promoted on the local newspapers as well. This award boosted the confidence of Xsosys technology to start a offshore outsourcing support division in Tamil nadu in India. The winning of this prestigious honour paved way for many more opportunities to Xsosys technology like it was invited by the goleman college Singapore to deliver a guest lecture on IT awareness program, which was quite honour to the pride of Xsosys technology.

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Singapore Infocomm Awarded Couple of Reputed Domains to Xsosys.

24 July, 2012

Acquiring a extension as suffix to a website/datacentre is obvious that it is an IT company. But needless to say a extension in Singapore is credited to only those companies with a neat and clean track record and a required credibility. Xsosys technology happens to be one of those companies where the domain name and was credited to after a meticulous supervision of its IT credibility by the Singapore infocomm which itself speaks about the high credibility of Xsosys technology as an IT company.

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Kurita Since 1949 - Xsosys technology has developed a customized web application and also rendered hosting services to this Japanese MNC which is very eventful.

09 July, 2012

Xsosys technology has developed a customized web application and also rendered hosting services to this Japanese MNC which is very eventful. Water has been considered as a vital necessity for all living beings, the advancement of science has brought about a major improvement in the water purification segment thus ensuring the human race safety by preventing bacterial and viral infestations which are often life threatening. KURITA Group is a balanced combination of water treatment chemicals, water treatment facilities, and maintenance services. As customers and society at large and face the urgent tasks of improving productivity and reducing environmental impact, KURITA Group is providing comprehensive water treatment solutions. Looking ahead, Kurita Group will continue seeking to become an advanced water and environmental management company from a global perspective.

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Picket & Rail - A furniture manufacturer generally looks out for a web service provider where his product is exposed at its best to attract more and more customers.

15 March, 2012

Xsosys technology has succeeded in this aspect by developing a really attractive website through the company’s products are brought to light thereby giving the viewer a precise picture of the furniture that he is intending to go in for. Satisfying an American based company is not an easy task but nevertheless Xsosys has been successful in this project thereby adding one more international brand to its line of esteemed clientele.

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