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Xsosys develops and implements a total quality control system for a leading mega store-COURTS MEGA STORE, in Singapore.

30 September, 2016

Listed in the Singapore Exchange, Courts Asia Limited is a leading electrical, IT and furniture retailer in Southeast Asia that offers superior value and experience to its customers. As a furniture retailer from the United Kingdom, Courts was established in Singapore in 1974. Courts operate more than 80 stores in multiple store formats spanning over 1.6 million sq. ft. of retail space. Courts Singapore launched its online store in 2012 with 7,000 product offerings, which has grown to more than 14,000 today. Both the online and physical stores are at the centre of Courts’ Omni-channel retail offerings, which also include the deployment Digital Kiosks counters in-store. Over the years, Courts has been able to establish a large and loyal customer base with more than 1.4 million members in the 'Home Club' loyalty programme. Known for being an active corporate citizen, Courts initiates meaningful and impactful ways to give back to the community, which include helping children, youth and families in need. A store of such a vast business activity needed a customised quality control system to be integrated along with the then existing Microsoft Dynamics NAV (ERP) solution that just provided control over the financial, supply chain, and a  few other basic operations. Xsosys was assigned the developing and delivering of the quality control system which had to be done from the scratch comprising mainly of the quality management system encompassing other relevant sub systems like product management, product compliances, warranty, customer service, customer support and other sections that involved the entire after sales and the total quality control and management. The project was taken up initially as phase1 and phase2 project, in two parts which would ensure the precise implementation of the system so that it could be seamlessly incorporated into the existing system without exertion. Xsosys successfully delivered and implemented the phase 1 of the project and is currently all set to work on the 2 phase of the project. Working for a mega store of such high repute and magnitude, Xsosys has definitely considered this as yet another mile stone in its journey towards progress. 

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Xsosys develops and implements a unique ERP system for a huge foundation technology company – Foundation alliance.

09 February, 2016

Xsosys designed and developed an ERP system that reduces the maintenance schedule to a very great extent. The system is a fully customized equipment management system that seamlessly integrates into the various sub sections like the management of working hours of the equipment, while tracking down the quantity of fuel refilled and the fuel consumed in consideration to the working hour ratio, oil filling, generation of relevant forms and service tickets, service schedule and much more. Considering the magnitude of the company and the huge projects that it has undertaken one can easily gauge the repute and the importance of the company activity. It has been undoubtedly a mile stone in the journey of Xsosys to have designed and developed an ERP system for a company of such high repute and esteem. Foundation alliance is a multicore company involved in various Infrastructure, Commercial, Residential, Industrial, Institutional and Oil & Gas projects. The magnitude of the projects that this company has so far undertaken is in far beyond imagination to an ordinary rational level. Each and every project has been multicore projects that apparently have made use of highly sophisticated and expensive machinery. Operating this machinery, and maintaining them in immaculate working condition no doubt is a real herculean task. These machineries and equipment require utmost operational care and maintenance since the onsite activity of this equipment results in a number of functioning hazards if they are not properly handled and maintained. In order to streamline the maintenance schedule and the other relevant activities.

They are triple certified with ISO 9001, ISO14001 & OHSAS 18001 and take pride in the Quality of our works and are committed to offer competitive solutions to all your foundation problems involving :

  • Bored Pile, Secant Pile Wall, Contiguous Bored Pile & Marine Bored Pile
  • Prebore Soldier Pile & King/Deck Posts
  • Diaphragm Wall
  • Driven Pile
  • Bored and Driven Micropiles
  • Ground Anchor, Soil Nail & Toe Pin
  • Grout Mixed Pile, Jet Grout Pile & TAM Grout
  • Removal of Underground Obstructions
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Xsosys develops and delivers a total ERP system to Singapore’s MOM partnered organisation – Wong fong academy.

01 December, 2015

Wong fong academy is a well-known educational institute in the Continuing Education and Training (CET) sector. The Wong fong academy which has a whopping 10000 plus students has been an innovator in the Continuing Education and Training segment. The academy is committed to provide quality skills training across all industrial sectors in Singapore.  The Academy involves governing bodies in order to keep itself well-informed of current government modifications to ensure that the courses are both contemporary and appropriate. With a vision to be a pioneer in Singapore’s Continuing Education and Training (CET) sector by creating learning possibilities through technology and innovation Wong fong has been contributing a lot in this segment. An institution of such a high repute and volume had initially approached a different vendor for its developing a training management system which apparently proved to be of a much lower quality and technicality in comparison to the highly esteemed Wong fong academy. The same project was entrusted to Xsosys after a through back check of the track record of Xsosys. Initially only 40 % of the ERP system was allotted to Xsosys for developing and implementing. But after the success and the technical quality that was delivered by Xsosys the entire developing of the ERP-training management system was assigned. The training management system developed with the state of the art technology comprises of various sub managements like the student management, student attendance management, teaching faculty management, examination and result management, customer management, accounting integration, course schedule management, and much more. The training management system was developed from the scratch to the finish, implementing the latest technical knowledge, years of experience and skill and lots of dedicated and meticulous work, which ultimately proved to be the best in its kind, capable of handling almost all the sections in an educational institution with ease and precision.

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Xsosys implements Total Quality Management System in two extremely reputed high rise corporate landmark buildings- ONE GEORGE STREET and THE CENTRAL.

17 March, 2015

The conventional reports on cleaning and maintenance in a building is usually done by manual inspections and hand written reports which are forwarded to the higher authorities for further course of actions. But this system will be more time consuming and cumbersome. To overcome this tedious exercise of manual generation of reports, a meticulously designed and developed management system viz...“Total quality management system” was developed.

The concept incorporated is quite an innovative one. The inspection personnel, as per the usual routine carries out the activity but in the absence of the manually maintained logbook or the inspection dairy. Nevertheless, he uses a hand held electronic device comprising of the total quality management system technically integrated into it in a fully customized way so that the areas that are to be covered by inspection can be added along with the other relevant factors like the square area of the building, the number of floors or levels, area details like stairs, lifts, escalators, lobbies, office premises, bathrooms, washrooms, pantry and so on. The device also comprises of the facility of taking pictures of the area in case they have to be indicated accordingly within the report. Finally the inspection report will be stored as a digital database file which can be submitted or forwarded to the concerned departments within seconds along with the digital signatures of the approving authorized officers. This customized application has been fully designed and developed by Xsosys and has been operational in the above mentioned landmark buildings which surely indicates the importance of the application and the utility potential it has when it comes to the cleaning and  maintenance.

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Xsosys develops and implements Customized asset management system to yet another multinational - PM Control.

25 February, 2014

Developing an asset management system for a company of such high magnitude business was a real challenge to Xsosys. Working to the satisfaction of this highly esteemed client was indeed an honour to Xsosys. The asset management system is technically a very high structure comprising of various sub management systems like material tracking, warranty tracking, customer management etc. The management system initiated the further developing and successful implementation of the system to a full length management system which was later implemented into the entire organization which already had a huge span of activities in nothing less than 45 plus global locations, was undoubtedly yet another milestone for Xsosys. PM Control is a high level multinational provider of high value multicore energy control solutions specifically for ship building and manufacturing sectors. Comprising of about 100 plus skilled and experienced and dynamic work force in strategic locations like Asia, Singapore, Australia, Jakarta Indonesia and India, pm control offers extraordinary services to very large organisations in Energy and Process sectors. With an enormous capacity to take on customer specific needs, providing them with energy optimization solutions that encompass sophisticated design and development, PM Control Systems is also an appointed Distributor for Woodward Inc. (USA), Regional Technical Partner for ABB (Switzerland), and Value-Added Reseller for L&S Electric Inc. (USA). A few speciality machinery control equipment’s that PM control provides are: governers (they are the industry leaders in supply of governors that are used worldwide to provide reliable and precise control of speed and output in power generation, marine, pump, compression etc.) Actuators (PM control provides actuators that suit a wide range of applications found on industrial turbo machinery and reciprocating engine applications). Voltage regulators (PM Control provides latest generation of ABB automatic voltage regulators (AVR) and static excitation system (SES) based on ABB AC 800PEC high performance processor family for all kinds and sizes of synchronous generators and motors).

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Xsosys succeeds in developing and delivering customized ERP system to the marine engineering and Surveying Consultancy - Universal Marine (S) Pte Ltd

31 October, 2013

Xsosys proudly states that it has the honor of providing its total ERP services, which covers all the ERP requirements of the organization. The ERP system that has been implemented in this organization is a full length ERP system that covers almost every vital department of the organization. The ERP system happens to be the first full length ERP system that Xsosys has developed and implemented and has been functioning absolutely fine. The project initially was the development of SAP application but later on the project was rescheduled to the development of full ERP system. Xsosys was able to confirm the project Feb 2014 The project was undertaken and completed successfully by Xsosys, was launched Sep 2014. Universal Marine Surveying and Consultancy (S) Pte Ltd was founded in 1991 with a intention to provide good quality and reliable services pertaining all kinds of marine related inspection activities to its clients. On par with the industry's standards they have continually achieved ISO 9001 standards for quality management since 1998. Universal Marine Surveying and Consultancy (S) Pte Ltd strives to be a trusted international inspections company offering a wide range of quantity, quality checks and related services, which are designed to assist the safe movement of cargos. The following activities are a few among the unique and unmatched services of this organization, advise on cargo compatibility, Bunker fuel testing, Cargo lines and associated fitting test inspection, Crude oil washing, Inspection of heating coils, Monitoring/testing inert gas system, Safety inspection of tankers, Cargo weighing/tallying, Hull and machinery damage, Towing approval, Marine investigation in relation to contractual disputes, Supervision of repairs, Pre-risk inspection.

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