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Developing & Launching of an application for SPH & Focus Media.

15 October, 2019

Xsosys has consistently been providing valuable services in the IT sector to big names in an around Singapore. Applications developed have been implemented in various industries and sectors where the developing of customized applications for our esteemed clientele has been our specialty. Being passionate about the project undertaken and thinking from the client’s perspective has enabled Xsosys to deliver services that has generally exceeded the client’s expectations. Reliving customers from their exasperating problems relating to the IT segment, may it be a small scale enterprise or a high level corporate, Xsosys has made great strides in the mentioned sector. With a dedicated, qualified and equally experienced team Xsosys is undoubtedly the choice for getting your IT requirements fulfilled. No matter what the magnitude of the project shall be, Xsosys has successfully carries out those projects. Client satisfaction which has been the main moto of Xsosys has been one of the plus points that has enabled Xsosys to reach great heights and gain the most needed trust and faith of the esteemed customers.
One of the milestone achievements has been the project undertaken for Target Media a vibrant and forward-looking media company in Singapore, jointly formed by Singapore Press Holdings (SPH) and China’s Focus Media, which happens to be China’s leading lifestyle targeted-media company. Established in May 2018, aiming to develop, provide and manage the proprietary smart online-to-offline (O2O) lift media network to greatly improve targeted communications, the smart in-lift media delivery platform will greatly improve audience engagement efforts for community and commercial segments, where in SPH will provide its wealth of news and localized lifestyle content to enhance the appeal of the media platform. Xsosys proudly handles the content management, client enquiry management services to this esteemed conglomerate.

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Well Developed Enterprise application for THKMC - Thye Hua Kwan Moral Charities

09 March, 2018

THYE HUA KWAN MORAL CHARITIES a charitable organization that has been running since 1978 with a mission to help anyone in need of help nevertheless fully respecting their race, colour, creed, language, culture and religion, has appealing team of over 1000 dedicated staff. The elderly care division of the organization is one of the dedicated 7 divisions. The elderly care division as the name suggests, consists of the needs and care for the elderly. Xsosys has the credit of designing and developing an enterprise application for the management of the elderly division. The dynamic application is designed to handle almost all the requirements in this sector, right from booking and admission to the total data management of the applicant ranging from the detailed information of the applicant, history, health status, periodic and routine health check-up schedule, and so on. Since the admission process comprises of various data inputs of the applicant like the family records, reason of joining, the medical history etc. the enterprise application is developed to meet with all the requirements of customization with respect to the same and also is featured with the scrutiny and verification procedures too. The application also is equipped with maintaining the details and the schedule of the staff in-charge of the particular individual, duties allotted to them, whether full time staff or a volunteer, if volunteer his/her work duration duties and so on. The dynamic application is a proposed total ERP solution to this charitable organization, THKMC.              

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Developing and launching of staff management software for SAMUNDERA GROUP - Mulitnational Company

15 February, 2018

In the first quarter of 2018 Xsosys was privileged with an opportunity to design and develop a staff management application for Samundera Indonesia, a top level shipping company to maintain the complete staff management process. Founded in October 1952, by Soedarpo Sastrosatomo, the company is highly regarded as one among the five top-listed shipping companies in the world. Soedarpo Sastrosatomo a recipient of various awards like - Orde Van Oranje-Nassau award from the Kingdom of Holland for his services for the community, Bintang Mahaputra Pratama from the President of Indonesia, Asia Maritime Hall of Fame award for his career in building Samundera Indonesia as one of the well-respected players in the Asian maritime industry, has undoubtedly taken the maritime industry to the next level. The application has been designed and developed keeping in mind the wants of the company of such a high magnitude and comprises of various features such as internal news, products and services, discussion forums, event management details, and so on. The meticulously designed and developed intelligent application also has a feature that supports staff requests, details of the reporting staff, Planning, scheduling and monitoring of work and rest hours, generating  department-wise comprehensive reports. The application supports almost all the staff management needs, helping to fully optimize staff deployment, perform appraisals on individual crew performance, prepare wage settlements, and collaborate with crewing agencies, run reports, letters certificates and much more.

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Developing and launching of the MOE (Ministry of Education) Singapore approved total management Mobile Apps.

30 October, 2017

Cleanliness and Environmental fortification has always been a prime priority in every walk of life in Singapore. Keeping the city clean and tidy irrespective of the sector is rather a tradition quite noteworthy. In this regard Xsosys has developed a dynamic customized “Total Quality Management System” a software application that has been significantly effective in the cleaning services sector. The application has been appreciated and approved by the MOE specifically for usage in the local government schools of Singapore. The application has been developed in such a way that all the orthodox data maintaining processes which had to be done manually are meticulously integrated into the Management System where each record is stored as a digital database file which can be further processed accordingly depending on the necessity. The application has been designed with an amazingly wide-ranging flexibility with various options of customizations like the status of the school whether primary or secondary, the area of coverage, number of workforce involved and area allotted to them, time taken for the work completion, details of work schedule – weekly, monthly, quarterly etc., report generating in case of untoward incidents, accidents and so on, the application also has a geo mapping feature, and has an integrated report generating feature that the authorities have made mandatory for schools of primary level and the secondary level. The integrated management system has been successfully implemented in almost a 100 schools and has been appreciated incontestably.  

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Xsosys develops and implements a total quality control system for a leading mega store-COURTS MEGA STORE, in Singapore.

30 September, 2016

Listed in the Singapore Exchange, Courts Asia Limited is a leading electrical, IT and furniture retailer in Southeast Asia that offers superior value and experience to its customers. As a furniture retailer from the United Kingdom, Courts was established in Singapore in 1974. Courts operate more than 80 stores in multiple store formats spanning over 1.6 million sq. ft. of retail space. Courts Singapore launched its online store in 2012 with 7,000 product offerings, which has grown to more than 14,000 today. Both the online and physical stores are at the centre of Courts’ Omni-channel retail offerings, which also include the deployment Digital Kiosks counters in-store. Over the years, Courts has been able to establish a large and loyal customer base with more than 1.4 million members in the 'Home Club' loyalty programme. Known for being an active corporate citizen, Courts initiates meaningful and impactful ways to give back to the community, which include helping children, youth and families in need. A store of such a vast business activity needed a customised quality control system to be integrated along with the then existing Microsoft Dynamics NAV (ERP) solution that just provided control over the financial, supply chain, and a  few other basic operations. Xsosys was assigned the developing and delivering of the quality control system which had to be done from the scratch comprising mainly of the quality management system encompassing other relevant sub systems like product management, product compliances, warranty, customer service, customer support and other sections that involved the entire after sales and the total quality control and management. The project was taken up initially as phase1 and phase2 project, in two parts which would ensure the precise implementation of the system so that it could be seamlessly incorporated into the existing system without exertion. Xsosys successfully delivered and implemented the phase 1 of the project and is currently all set to work on the 2 phase of the project. Working for a mega store of such high repute and magnitude, Xsosys has definitely considered this as yet another mile stone in its journey towards progress. 

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Xsosys develops and implements a unique ERP system for a huge foundation technology company – Foundation alliance.

09 February, 2016

Xsosys designed and developed an ERP system that reduces the maintenance schedule to a very great extent. The system is a fully customized equipment management system that seamlessly integrates into the various sub sections like the management of working hours of the equipment, while tracking down the quantity of fuel refilled and the fuel consumed in consideration to the working hour ratio, oil filling, generation of relevant forms and service tickets, service schedule and much more. Considering the magnitude of the company and the huge projects that it has undertaken one can easily gauge the repute and the importance of the company activity. It has been undoubtedly a mile stone in the journey of Xsosys to have designed and developed an ERP system for a company of such high repute and esteem. Foundation alliance is a multicore company involved in various Infrastructure, Commercial, Residential, Industrial, Institutional and Oil & Gas projects. The magnitude of the projects that this company has so far undertaken is in far beyond imagination to an ordinary rational level. Each and every project has been multicore projects that apparently have made use of highly sophisticated and expensive machinery. Operating this machinery, and maintaining them in immaculate working condition no doubt is a real herculean task. These machineries and equipment require utmost operational care and maintenance since the onsite activity of this equipment results in a number of functioning hazards if they are not properly handled and maintained. In order to streamline the maintenance schedule and the other relevant activities.

They are triple certified with ISO 9001, ISO14001 & OHSAS 18001 and take pride in the Quality of our works and are committed to offer competitive solutions to all your foundation problems involving :

  • Bored Pile, Secant Pile Wall, Contiguous Bored Pile & Marine Bored Pile
  • Prebore Soldier Pile & King/Deck Posts
  • Diaphragm Wall
  • Driven Pile
  • Bored and Driven Micropiles
  • Ground Anchor, Soil Nail & Toe Pin
  • Grout Mixed Pile, Jet Grout Pile & TAM Grout
  • Removal of Underground Obstructions
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