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Endeavouring to create marvel and excellence in every work to reach high success, while venerating our clients and feeling the ostentation with the flowering fruit of success.

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Ray Tobacco - Xsosys considers this project as one of its significant projects which has brought yet another opportunity to render its services to a reputed MNC.

16 August, 2010

Xsosys technology has rendered its creative designing and has hosted the website to give out the best. Xsosys considers this project as one of its significant projects which has brought yet another opportunity to render its services to a reputed MNC. RAY TOBACCO is dedicated in offering high quality tobacco products. Each of their classy labels comes with 3 all-time favourite blends. They certainly guarantee an excellent smoking pleasure with their distinctive taste and satisfying flavour which are offered at a very competitive price that come with quality!

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Spruce - The concept of Spruce was formed out of the love of wholesome ....

27 July, 2010

A restaurant that is being visited by a number of visitor everyday does not have dearth for a web service provider, but it chose Xsosys technology for the project….!! The reason ….??? …quite obvious ….the quality and the service of Xsosys technology.

The concept of Spruce was formed out of the love of wholesome and unpretentious Modern American cuisine served with the warm hospitality that has become a trademark for Spruce. The first Spruce which opened in March 2009 at Phoenix Park along Tanglin Road met with success and became a popular meeting place among friends. The popularity of Spruce led to the opening of the second branch along Upper Bukit Timah Road in July 2012.In keeping things exciting, Spruce continues to evolve, making dining experiences invigorating with its seasonal offerings and the occasional wine dinners often favoured by its guests.

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Exertion Technology ( Marine ERP Development Comapany ) Web Project Succesfully Launched.

13 May, 2010

Xsosys technology has undertaken a project for this esteemed client in which it has developed an ERP marine web application well supplemented with a colourful web site which has been a nice experience to Xsosys team. Exertion Technologies, was incorporated in 2006, with a focus on providing path breaking software solutions to the maritime industry Exertion technologies have a well-structured and a productive team of technical architects, senior managers, delivery head, software engineers and veterans in product development.

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Association with server rack manufacturing companies is indeed a honour for Xsosys technology

10 March, 2010

Working on a project for an organization that has been in close association with server manufacturing companies is indeed a honour for Xsosys technology,    SJ Manufacturing is a leading manufacturer of enclosure systems within the Asia Pacific region. Established in Singapore in 1982, with specialisation in the design and fabrication of 19” Networking and Server Racks, OEM chassis, Outdoor IP55 Aluminium Enclosures and Modular Command Consoles SJ manufacturing are also the licensed manufacturer of the IMRAK® 1400 and IMSuite® Modular Caging Suite System and the distributor of a range of other APW products for the South East Asia region. This apart it is certainly is a matter of great pride to offer the server services to SJ Manufacturing.

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Xsosys was more than happy to provide its web application service and the hosting service to a client which has been in existence for more than 4 decades.

12 January, 2010

Loyang Marine - The project was quite a different one altogether which was no doubt a pleasant experience to Xsosys technology. Since 1970, LOYANG MARINE has been spearheading the yachting business throughout the Southeast Asian region, tending to the specialized needs of both experienced and new boaters alike. From its inception, Loyang Marine has been Singapore’s pioneer for pleasure craft and marine equipment sales, yacht management and boatyard and marina operations. Most importantly, the company maintains a pool of trained management personnel and artisans to provide professional and personalised services to the region’s boating fraternity.

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Allegiance with the prestigious newspaper TABLA

21 December, 2009

The year 2009 marks an eventful year for Xsosys, in the allegiance with the prestigious newspaper TABLA, in connection with the layout designing of its esteemed patrons and high-status international bankers like the Citibank, was executed and the whole project was taken up meticulously to ensure that all the sections of the newspaper was perfectly balanced and contained the required information as it should be. The marketing plans and the promotional activities of the project were also carried out efficiently and successfully.   

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