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Yongseng Fibre Glass

Yongseng was established in 1980, located at 31 ,SungeiKadut industrial Estate st 2.And specializes in the manufacturing of a wide range of fibreglassproducts.From basic general purpose applications to chemical resistance grade even to Fire resistance grade Class One. Fibreglass is a durable and flexible material and is ideal to use in the manufacturing of various products from boats, fascias and gutters through to swimming pools, security huts and specialized moldings.Our business operates with wide and huge range of spacious fibreglass Manufacturing facility . Perfection is what we pride ourselves and this is why our products would be good quality forever at every time and that's why our customers keep coming back to catering with us, they have peace of mind and faith in our abilities. With commitment to quality standard and correct trade practices that are followed throughout the entire process;!If you want a production run we can handle anything at all, big or small we do it all!


Our company was incorporated with the mission to market and distribute good quality and yet justifiably priced lubricants to Singapore users initially and to the region eventually. Our aim is especially to promote environmentally friendly synthetic lubricants in saving the world from worsening pollution. Note that the widespread and often indiscriminate use of mineral based lubricants all over the world, without understanding the longer term harmful consequences, is not only adding pollution to our precious Earth but also insidiously destroying our health. Look at the recent oil leak in the Gulf of Mexico, the depleting marine life in the seas and we are aghast what future life is like with unnecessary oil floating out of control! On the one hand one may pay only a dollar a litre for the cheap product but to undo the damage to our environment the costs of cleaning up may be ten or hundred times the amount. Here is where biodegradable synthetic lubricants are indispensable.

A&P Maintenance Services Pte Ltd

A&P Maintenance Services Pte Ltd was incorporated in August 1983 and is one of the leading Contractors in the field of cleaning today. Our Company has an impressive track record in providing cleaning services to the commercial, industrial and residential sectors in Singapore over the past twenty years. We are a BCA-Registered Housekeeping, Conservancy & Cleaning Contractor (MW02-L5), which authorises us to compete in and take up cleaning contracts of up to the value of S$10million.

Beng Beng Electrical Pte.Ltd

Beng Beng Electrical Contractor was first established as a Kampong-style contractor, providing electrical wiring installation & water piping installation services. It was a small utilities company &also an operator of a small generator which supplied electricity for the house holds in Jurong , are mote area during the 1970s. During the early 1970s, national electrical transmission and distribution grid was not established in many remote areas of Singapore. Many houses were not connected to the Power Utilities Board (PUB) yet. The source of electricity at that time was powered by private operators. Every night, Beng Beng Electrical Contractor supplied electricity to the households from 7.00p.m till 12.00a.mmidnight and charged them a token of small fee. In the late 1970s -1990s,Jurong town transformed into a modern industrial estate with rows of modern factories, owned by Jurong Town Corporation (JTC). With the dwellers shrinking in population, kampong houses were resettled and electrical demand grews exponentially. Electrical services were then needed in many areas.

Gylet Elevator Co.Pte.Ltd

Gylet Elevator Co.Pte.Ltd is incorporated in the year 1991 with its Head quarter based in Singapore. The company provides Elevators and Escalators Services including after Sales Maintenance Service.Its range of product include Passengers Elevator Freight (Cargo) Elevators ( both with lift motor room or motor room less) weatherproof bubble lifts, Home Elevators, Escalators, Moving Walkways (Travellators) , Robotic Parking System (2 tiers, 3tiers, Tower Parking or Underground storage parking). Our Company prides itself to be the sole Elevator Company that provides a One-Stop Solution all our Customers elevator requirement and strives to be the only Company that can provide Specialize product Customization. 100% local Singaporean Company with the aim of providing not only a competitive pricing for local Elevators and Escalators Market but also an efficient and reliable after sales and emergency call back service.

JP Equip Pte Ltd.

JP Equip Pte Ltd is a young and dynamic technical consultancy company focuses in the area of Force & Torque Measurement; Material Testing and Analysis; Polymer Testing; Conveyor Components and Accessories. JP Equip Pte Ltd has been appointed as Master Distributor for Chatillon Force Measurement Products for South East Asia Region; Distributor for Lloyd / Davenport products in certain Countries such as Singapore, Indonesia, Philippines. In addition, we also distribute conveyor components and accessories for South East Asia Region. We not only sell products alone, we sell Solution as well. As such, we also provide automation and turnkey for Force, Torque and Materials Testing applications. We believe in forging a close relationship with our associates, partners and customers in the region. We also believe in working hand in hand with our esteemed partners, dealers and customers in the region by providing stocking facility, promotion and support activities in our area of responsibilities.

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