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JCK Controls Pte Ltd.

JCK Controls is incorporated in 2002. We specialise in sales and marketing on Electrical & Electronic products. We also provide total solution in testing and calibration of Electrical instruments and Electronic Protection relays. Through years of experience and knowledge in application, marketing and chain supply. We have established sales channels in Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia and Vietnam. The operation and its products strategy are co-ordinated by our head office in Singapore.

CT Elevator Pte. Ltd

CT Elevator Pte. Ltd. is a provider of professional installations, test and commission of well-known and reliable elevator brands such as Fuji and Mitsubishi Lift Systems, as well as Escalators and Car-Park / Mechanical Parking Systems.We count with project references in Singapore from supreme elevators solutions that are focus on tailor made lift design for all type of customer’s needs and requirements. In short we are very serious in our business and we provide efficient JIT (Just in time) delivery and designs with cheapest package deals in town, together with competent 24/7 after-sales lift maintenance and repairs.


Earth-In-Mind(EIM) is a firm involved in sustainable design, in line with the worldwide green movement. EIM provides consultancy service to design energy-efficient buildings, working with architects and consultants in building designs. To ensure occupant comfort and most importantly, efficient use of energy, EIM conducts investigations and various situational analysis through use of advanced software so our clients can be completely assured of our advice. EIM also provides Green Mark consultancy, reflecting our commitment to complement the government’s (BCA) Green Masterplan.

Hao Wei International

Hao Wei International is a company focused in providing the top standard extruded polystyrene thermal insulating product, "TIAN SHENG XPS". With a combined experience of more than 1 decade in polystyrene manufacturing and exporting industry, the directors of Hao Wei International has proven to be a trustworthy and reliable asset for Hao Wei's international clients.

With a concept to provide more convenience and timely delivery to their clients, Hao Wei International started their own manufacturing chain in Malaysia to meet the ever growing demand in 2006. Having their office in Benoi Road, Hao Wei International is able to provide quick response to immediate demand while tapping on their large capacity of storage.

Being in tune with the local market and neighboring countries over the last few years, Hao Wei International has developed sufficient strategies and awareness to meet any types of demand that is required of them. No matter the size of the job, or the time frame, Hao Wei International would be able to handle and deliver.

Goodwood Ship Management

Goodwood Ship Management is an independent ship management company that offers a comprehensive range of high quality marine services. Driven to exceed the expectations of our customers, we take the priorities of our customers as our very own by providing safe and cost effective management of the ships – synergistically working in partnership with our customers. At Goodwood Ship Management, we strive for Operational Excellence.Goodwood is managed by a team of highly skilled, experienced and dedicated professionals with many years of shipping background and operational expertise to handle the most complex international...

My Choice Life

A new product has been added to our range. This is Fucoidan, a natural seaweed extract that is gaining increasing awareness through the work of those involved with cancer treatment, particularly in Japan and elsewhere around the world too. We have been appointed by Kanehide-Bio Co., Ltd, the fourth largest conglomerate in Okinawa, Japan, as the exclusive distributor. Fucoidan is the sliminess that is integral to seaweed. It is extracted through special technology applied to the Okinawa Mozuku seaweed, yielding the highest grade Fucoidan, cultivated in Okinawa waters for this purpose. Production of the Fucoidan in capsules is ISO22000 certified, which includes HACCP safety standards. Customers can therefore be assured of a topmost quality product when purchasing Okinawa Mozuku Fuocidan from us.

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