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Android App Development

Smartphones are no longer out of reach of common people as well. The utility and performance that are offered by expensive and posh phones are now available in very low prices in market and now everyone can afford it.

This has been possible due to Google’s Android Mobile Platform. Now same utilities and performances could be available in much less price. We understand the constraints of Android and design such products that are no less in functionality but much less expensive.

Android is one of the most widely used mobile applications. Android is an open source in nature and to integrate it and develop third party application is comparatively easy and cheaper. With growing popularity of Android, more and more people are switching to Android based smart phones and thus there is a tremendous demand of Android app development in the market especially for developing various innovative Android apps referring the needs of different business types like Business oriented applications, document readers, Android game apps, multimedia applications, Social networking applications, entertainment applications, Android OS competent websites, security applications, GPS tracking, travel applications, Utility apps, etc.

Professional android application development at XSOSYS offers features like:

  • GSM, CDMA, EDGE, Bluetooth, EV-DO, Wi-Fi, and UMTS for data transfer across the networks
  • Libraries of 2D and 3D graphics
  • Libraries of images, videos, and audio files, in current file formats like MPEG4, H.264, AMR, AMR-WB, AAC, MP3, JPG, BMP, PNG, MIDI etc
  • Features for touch screens, GPS, Video camera, accelerometer, magnetometer etc
  • P2P with Google Talk
  • Data storage with SQLite
  • Intercross communication message passing

XSOSYS offers features on android application development:

  • Android GPS Based Applications
  • Android Business Application Development
  • Android Game Development
  • Upgrade Android Apps
  • Android Utility Application
  • Android Social Networking Application Development
  • Migrate Android Mobile Apps to Android tablet Apps