Developing And Launching Of The MOE (Ministry Of Education) Singapore Approved Total Management Mobile Apps.

30 October, 2017

Cleanliness and Environmental fortification has always been a prime priority in every walk of life in Singapore. Keeping the city clean and tidy irrespective of the sector is rather a tradition quite noteworthy. In this regard Xsosys has developed a dynamic customized “Total Quality Management System” a software application that has been significantly effective in the cleaning services sector. The application has been appreciated and approved by the MOE specifically for usage in the local government schools of Singapore.

The application has been developed in such a way that all the orthodox data maintaining processes which had to be done manually are meticulously integrated into the Management System where each record is stored as a digital database file which can be further processed accordingly depending on the necessity. The application has been designed with an amazingly wide-ranging flexibility with various options of customizations like the status of the school whether primary or secondary, the area of coverage, number of workforce involved and area allotted to them, time taken for the work completion, details of work schedule – weekly, monthly, quarterly etc., report generating in case of untoward incidents, accidents and so on, the application also has a geo mapping feature, and has an integrated report generating feature that the authorities have made mandatory for schools of primary level and the secondary level. The integrated management system has been successfully implemented in almost a 100 schools and has been appreciated incontestably.