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Training Management System

A TMS or the training management system is an application for the administration, documentation, tracking, and reporting of instructor-led-training programs. They are focused on back-office processes and are considered a tool for corporate training administrators. Fundamentally a training management system acts as a central enterprise resource planning software specific to the training centre or a similar institution or organization which can be complemented by other learning technologies such as a learning management system, or other modules that are part of the educational technology ecosystem. Training management process includes managing and maintaining training records of an organization or a training centre. The objective of the TMS is automating the process of the usual manual processes involved in the running of the training centre.

On Demand Video Training

Training Management System

Since the Training management system is basically a web based management system the students can check the status of scheduled classes online before taking up the desired courses. They can also check the availability of the particular tutor of their preference, pay fees online, and obtain the report sheets depicting their overall progress and related aspects. The training management system is an all in one system which handles all the training centre activities. And a comprehensive on demand video training program can be initiated through the app.


Configurable Training Reports

The training management system comprises of essential modules which take care of almost all the daily routine exercises from attendance to training schedules and report generation accordingly. The system as such is a cohesive resolution for a training centre which eases out the cumbersome processes of maintaining manual records that are time consuming and involves more work forces. The TMS carries out the much needed financial categorisations ranging from the student fees to the tutor remunerations based on the teaching schedules whether weekly, daily, fortnightly, or monthly of which the relevant reports can be generated for further actions that are necessary.

Training Compliance

Ensure Training Compliance

Ensuring training compliance is one of the basic objectives of the developed training management system. The TMS developed and deployed by Xsosys are used by educational centres for compliance training by complementing other learning technologies with it such as a learning management system for e-learning management and course delivery. Systems developed and deployed by Xsosys are web-based designed to be locally hosted on-premise, where the organization purchases a license to a version of the software, and installs it on their network. The resultant system can be accessed from any compatible device from any convenient location by authorized may it be tutors, students already enrolled, management or the administrators and other designated users.

TMS Maintenance Program


Social Learning

Social learning implies to the learning carried out through a learning ecosystem. Forming a group and learning with the group enables exchange of views and sharing of various aspects pertaining to the concept of learning.


User Experience

For any application the user experience plays an important role in gauging the various features that may require fine tuning or other kinds of improvisations. The more the points acquired in the user experience, the higher the values of the application in terms of user friendliness.


System Analytics

The analysis of the application can be carried out by assessing the various aspects based on a certain criteria and parameters. The access to the features and respective sections are appraised through the system analytics.


Effective Evaluation

The evaluation of the application is done based on the performance and the stability of the software, plus its compatibility with the specified platform of function.


Customized Reporting

Reports that are to be generated through the application can be customized according to the individual or the organization needs. The given fields by default can be modified according the desired style and requirement.


Scalable Architecture

The design and the architecture on which the application is based refer to the schematic that is primarily planned to be executed. The amount of the deviation that can be applied while developing the application will be calculated on the volume of the changes in the pre-plan.

Key Features Within A Training Management Software

Back-end features

Resource management, course scheduling, room allotment, presenter arrangement Automation of tasks and registrations. Financial control, acceptance of payments Tracking of relevant actions in the team Reporting of the completion of tasks, generation of hardcopies etc.

User-end features

Customization of features according to the user requirement Online registrations, payments and downloads. Confirmation of courses, tutors, marking presence Collection of online invoices, tickets.Viewing of syllabus, schedules etc.

Online Training Management System Features

1. Web-based Training Platform

With our best online training software, now you can plan, implement, assign and track your training initiatives right from your web browser giving your employees as well as the students the option of logging-in from anywhere and from any compatible device to complete their assigned training. On the whole the intended utility of the system is to minimise the cumbersome process of training management.

2. Centralize Organization’s Data

Our TMS allows easy maintenance and management of all the training metrics in a singular location that is possible from a real time and secure platform which the system allows. With one centralized data storage facility which enables each of the users to access the primary record from that location it eases out the load of the learning management system. Thus, whenever there is a change required in his profile like a new phone number or email address and so on.

3. Streamline Training

Our online employee training helps you schedule and assign training by setting up of user groups which can literally create unlimited number of user groups based on hierarchy, job titles, work profile, roles, departments, facilities, partners or locations. The groups are created and the access and the tasks correspondingly are allotted. So, be it a manager or a fresher, assigning courses to them as per their needs just becomes simpler and less cumbersome.

4. Reduce Training Costs

Our TMS helps eliminate the wastage of time, resources and money that can be lost through the inefficiencies or loopholes in managing your organization’s training initiatives. So to say, with the entry of your training management system, training of different departments becomes easy because it is done from a single place through a simple yet secure sign in.

5. Gamified Training

By applying gaming elements to learning or training scenarios we make them entertaining for the learner / user. Since the visual impact of an application largely enhances due to this the usage complexity drastically reduces.

6. Multi-User Architecture

Our TMS is a simple structure basically in which a single instance of the training management system serves multiple customers. The users are logically isolated, but in a way integrated. Multiuser makes sense when there are many users with similar needs. So, running a single instance of the application is economical as the software development and maintenance costs get drastically reduced.