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Technical Support & Maintenance

Technical support refers to services that an organization provides to users of technology products or services. In general, technical support is an activity of providing help regarding specific problems related to a product or service that a company has previously provided. Companies in general offer technical support for the services or products they sell, either included in the cost or for an additional fee. Technical support is categorically delivered by different modes of communicating technologies depending on the situation; direct questions are addressed using telephone calls, SMS, Online chat, Support Forums, E-mail or Fax.

The 6 Pillars of Our

Website Maintenance Program

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Performance Checkup

One of the most important and critical aspect in our technical assistance is that of performance check-up. With our technically supported monitoring activities most of the online activities that are needed to ensure the smooth functioning of the product or service.


Fixes and Enhancements

Any fault in the performance of the service or products will have to be rectified and a solution implemented accordingly. Sometimes the solutions may also include redoing the part of the mechanism which is considered as fixes, and in case any improvements are done then it is known as enhancements.


Content and Backup

Content is that part that theoretically explains about the imagery or in case of a product it may also include the specifications of that particular product. Sometimes it may be a technical write-up of that particular product. Data has to be backed up before carrying out any modifications in the product so that any valuable data is lost.


Functionality Check

Monitoring the proper functioning of the product in all possible ways is known as functionality check. The product will be usually checked for a host of features that are categorised as the standard criteria for the proper functioning of the product.


Tech Support

Our separate technical support department and customer service departments in all of its current geographical locations has enabled scaling notable levels in terms of offering technical support to its clientele. With a drastic growth in terms of sophistication and technical advancements and specializing in providing technical support we stand apart from our competitors in this regard.


Hack & Virus Proof

Integrating a security into a product to make it resistant against potential threats is known as making a product hack or virus proof. Security integration is a vita aspect in software development or application development. Any software is said to be vulnerable in case it is not integrated by any security measure. Our products are reinforced with the most stable and strong security methods so that any hacking or virus attacks do not penetrate into the core and prove harmful.

Types of Technical Support & Maintenance

1.Updating Website Software

Content management system like WordPress needs to be updated periodically. While using a website host, we provide that the core server software is updated on a regular basis for things like FTP service running on the server.

2. Improving Website Speed

Since page loading is an important part of the user experience and an important factor to consider is how page load speed affects your search engine rankings we check your website’s speed by constantly using the insights we get from speed-checking tools to continually improve how it loads. Since a slow website increases bounce rate and if visitors are navigating out of a web page often then the search engine assumes that website isn’t important and will push it further down the rankings which is detrimental.

3. Fixing HTML Errors

Reliable website support should be able to inspect, find and fix issues related to HTML. Since even a small error may get magnified in real time we pay attention to even the tiny details to ensure that all works well.

4. Backing up Files

Imagine how frustrating it would be if you were to lose all your website’s essential files like images, pages, blog posts, plugins, etc. our website maintenance services ensure that file and database backups are automatically performed periodically to avert any unwelcome instances of data loss.

5. Developing New Content

Text content always supplement to the imagery or the other diagrammatic representations of a website. But however content once uploaded must be updated in accordance to the advancement of the other aspects. Our expert content writers update your website content as needed. In case of revamping of a website the total content of the site will usually be redone as well.

6. Search Engine Optimization

In general sense preparing a website for a higher ranking on the basis of its keywords that are commonly used by the viewers is called as search engine optimization. Main aspect in the SEO is the precise usage of the keywords. This once again can be achieved by a very meticulously written content. We take utmost care in developing the content so that the text content appears attractive and gripping as well as inclusive of the critical keywords to improvise the site ranking on the search engine.

As part of the SEO strategy, it’s also important to identify structural issues within your website that may affect how search engines view your site.

7. Ensuring Design Consistency across All Pages

Another critical aspect in the website designing is that it should not only function properly in all the latest versions of major website browsers like Chrome, Safari, Firefox, etc. but also should upload consistently and quickly. Compatibility of different browsers also plays an important role since different browsers have different features that are integrated into them for stability and other issues. And since many of the browsers update automatically and in case the website is not in a position to adapt to the updates it might not show up or it might not display the way you want it to. Another factor to consider about the website’s design is uniformity. If any branding elements representing the company should be integrated then they should be included uniformly across all the pages so that the visual effect of the site stays good.

8. Fixing Broken Links

The most important aspect in the website is the navigation. This happens with the every link leading exactly to the right place or the destination page. A site or resource linked earlier might disappear, a page on your website might become unavailable or you might move a post and forget to update others that link to it in which case the entire links of the corresponding page and the link must be reworked to get the link functioning well again. Our maintenance service will routinely check your website to identify any broken links and will either modify or remove them depending on the feasibility.

9. Reviewing Your Website Analytics

The website’s performance must be monitored to ensure that everything is working as desired. Our experts examine high-level metrics like how many new and returning visitors your website has received for a period of time or which blog posts are the most read and so on. Likewise adjustments are effected on the website accordingly to ensure all the metrics are at their peak and are functioning as desired.

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