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Today’s world is almost synonymous with automation of everyday life may it be home or the work place. Appliances that can be categorised into this group may be various in number starting form a simple doorbell to the most sophisticated security systems. One or more common ecosystems, that can be controlled via devices associated with that system, such as smartphones and similar voice controlled devices also fall under this grouping. The concept behind the Internet of things is the metal oxide semiconductor field effect transistor, which has been considered as the basic building block of most modern electronics, including computers, smartphones, tablets and Internet services. Technological advances in the electronics industry has extended with improvements such as reducing power consumption, silicon on insulator, semiconductor device fabrication, and multi core processor technology, leading up to the Internet of things.

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IOT Monitor and Control Structure of interconnected computing devices with unique device identifiers and the ability to transfer data over a network devoid of human to human or human to computer interactions are in general IOT devices.
RFID The radio-frequency identification is an essential element to the Internet of things. Thus IOT allows computers to manage a set of individual things and providing assistance to those with disabilities and elderly individuals making their lives easy and comfortable.
IOT in healthcare Management of chronic diseases, disease prevention and control, Remote monitoring all these made possible through the connection of powerful wireless solutions. Empowering fitness experts and physicians to capture patient's data and apply the required resolutions as necessary.

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The combination of multiple expertise, technological analytics, automated learning, device sensors, and embedded structures, remote sensor networks, and a lot of other control systems, add to the huge list of Internet of things. An wide-ranging set of uses for IoT devices is divided into user, viable, business, and structural spaces. A thermostat reporting on energy usage and local weather, doorbell connected to the Internet, home smart lock connected to the Internet are a few instances of IOT that are extensively used in the consumer areas. These systems use assistive technology to accommodate an owner's specific disabilities. Equipped with additional safety features which include sensors that monitor for medical emergencies like falls or seizures it provides users with more freedom and a better quality of life. The term enterprise IoT refers to devices utilized in business and company settings. Similar IoT devices are used to carryout remote health monitoring and emergency notification systems.

These health monitoring devices range from a simple blood pressure and heart rate monitors to advanced devices capable of monitoring specialized implants, such as pacemakers, Electronic wristbands, or even more advanced hearing aids. Use of mobile devices to support medical follow-ups made way to the creation of m-health, which are used to analyse health statistics with specialized sensors. Ensuring that proper treatment is being administered the in healthcare the system plays an important role in managing ailments and in disease prevention. Remote monitoring is formed possible through the connection of powerful wireless solutions. This enables medical practitioners to analyse patient's health reports and apply suitable measures accordingly. The IoT plays a very important role in the integration of control, and knowledge processing in transportation sector too.

The IoT technology extends upto all aspects of transportation, the vehicle, the driver or user. Interaction between these aspects of a transport system enables vehicular communication, control, parking, toll collection, and road assistance of various kinds. At Xsosys we precisely design and develop software applications that play a major role in the IOT sectors which are very widely used in the contemporary advanced utility sectors.


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