Kurita Since 1949 - Xsosys Technology Has Developed A Customized Web Application And Also Rendered Hosting Services To This Japanese MNC Which Is Very Eventful.

09 July, 2012

Xsosys technology has developed a customized web application and also rendered hosting services to this Japanese MNC which is very eventful. Water has been considered as a vital necessity for all living beings, the advancement of science has brought about a major improvement in the water purification segment thus ensuring the human race safety by preventing bacterial and viral infestations which are often life threatening.

KURITA Group is a balanced combination of water treatment chemicals, water treatment facilities, and maintenance services. As customers and society at large and face the urgent tasks of improving productivity and reducing environmental impact, KURITA Group is providing comprehensive water treatment solutions. Looking ahead, Kurita Group will continue seeking to become an advanced water and environmental management company from a global perspective.