Well Developed Enterprise Application For THKMC - Thye Hua Kwan Moral Charities

09 March, 2018

THYE HUA KWAN MORAL CHARITIES a charitable organization that has been running since 1978 with a mission to help anyone in need of help nevertheless fully respecting their race, colour, creed, language, culture and religion, has appealing team of over 1000 dedicated staff. The elderly care division of the organization is one of the dedicated 7 divisions. The elderly care division as the name suggests, consists of the needs and care for the elderly.

Xsosys has the credit of designing and developing an enterprise application for the management of the elderly division. The dynamic application is designed to handle almost all the requirements in this sector, right from booking and admission to the total data management of the applicant ranging from the detailed information of the applicant, history, health status, periodic and routine health check-up schedule, and so on. Since the admission process comprises of various data inputs of the applicant like the family records, reason of joining, the medical history etc. the enterprise application is developed to meet with all the requirements of customization with respect to the same and also is featured with the scrutiny and verification procedures too. The application also is equipped with maintaining the details and the schedule of the staff in-charge of the particular individual, duties allotted to them, whether full time staff or a volunteer, if volunteer his/her work duration duties and so on. The dynamic application is a proposed total ERP solution to this charitable organization, THKMC.