XSOSYS’s Acquisition Of Own Office Premises

14 April, 2021

Any organization envisions procuring an own business property once it accomplishes a certain stage. Likewise, XSOSYS’s dream of acquiring an own premise came to reality on this day the 14 of April 2021, amidst the pandemic situation. While the practice of working from home became prevalent, to keep the businesses consistently running and at the same time making all efforts to follow the official guidelines, the new trend had to be strictly adhered. Although the situation was not quite conducive for active business actions Xsosys and team took the challenge with extra grit and dedication kept it going through. Since the property prices were along the decline it was in a way advantageous to Xsosys to acquire an own premise and apparently the long awaited became a pleasant reality. The acquiring of premises located in the heart of the city, in the neighborhood of big names in IT sector and other significantly reputed corporates, has made Xsosys a proud owner of near to 2000 Square feet of elite office premises. After acquiring the premises an impressive and creative interior was done accordingly by Xsosys. The initial purchase deposit for acquiring of the property was done in the month of September 2020 it was finally settled on the 14 of April 2021.

The humble beginning of Xsosys way back in the year 2009, took off in a well-planned manner. With a vision to emerge as one of the pioneers in the IT sector and render unmatched services, Xsosys has been making remarkable strides throughout its journey towards its goal. With a sincere and dedicated effort and a strategic approach Xsosys has been able to amass a notable client base, with a majority of high-end clientele. Helping clients to remodel their current trade, operating technology prototypes with state-of-the-art digital technology and successfully integrating advanced and failsafe IT solutions, Xsosys has been able to bring about the transition that is the need of the hour for high end businesses. Consistently running the business since more than a decade, in and around Singapore, Xsosys has been a familiar name when it comes to customised software development and integration. Although tricky and challenging, developing customised software to individual needs has been the passion for Xsosys. In contrast to over the shelf software Xsosys believes in developing customised software since the requirement for different industries and organizations are purely dependent on the individual strategies, principles and working methods. All the same, the acquiring of the office space has brought out more confidence resulting in creation of reinforced and good credibility amongst the existing and new clients as well and has also shown signs of promising perspectives too...!!