Staff engagement

3 Things We All Want from Work

Organizations are constantly asking themselves “What do our employees want?” And if they’re not asking that question, they should be. The answer helps organizations create a workplace that employees want to be a part of. That aids employee engagement. It helps companies create jobs and programs that employees enjoy. It also allows employees to do their best work (and, no, not more creative loafing).

Last year, I worked on a series of articles with our friends at Kronos about this very topic. What do employees want? While you read these articles over the course of time, I really think having them in the same place paints a picture about the future of work and the things that employees are expecting from their employer. So, I wanted to put the series together in the same place as a reference.

Organizational Trust is the Key to Innovation

Trust is the basis of good employee engagement. Kronos shows us, through Project Falcon, that trust and engagement can also hold the key to innovation.

Working Smarter Means Organizations Need to Personalize Work

Working smarter means different things to companies. But we know we need to do it. The key may be personalizing work.

Employees Want to Work with Technology in the Modern Cloud

The right technology can help employers provide a modern cloud-based workplace. This is the employee experience that builds engagement.

The Future of Work: Employees Want to Work Their Own Way

The future of work has many drivers. Employees want to work smarter and in the modern cloud, which shows us that employees really can own their careers.

Organizations that want to compete for talent need to deliver the answer to the question “What do employees want?” It’s an important part of employee engagement. I understand that there might be subtle nuances based on geography, industry, and company size.

But there are some things that all employees want. They want to work for companies where they are trusted. Employees want their work personalized and they want to have access to the technology tools to do good work. Finally, they want to know they have a future with the company. That’s the answer to the question.