Actian Launches Real Time Connected Cloud Data Warehouse Solution

Actian, a provider of hybrid cloud data warehousing and data integration, has introduced its Avalanche Real-Time Connected Data Warehouse Solution with support for AWS and Azure cloud platforms. The Actian hybrid solution offers integration capabilities natively built into the product, enabling enterprises to harness diverse data sources for use in high performance analytics.

Designed to support real-time decision making, the solution delivers blazing fast analytics, real-time data ingestion, and a true hybrid architecture that can run in the cloud and on-premise. The result, the company says, is rapid, impactful decision making coupled with substantial near-term cost savings.

"Actian realizes that budgets are constrained in today’s unprecedented business environment. We are so confident in our solution’s ability to bring game changing value to our customers, that we are offering our guarantee that it will cut Snowflake customers’ aggregate costs in half,” said Vikas Mathur, general manager of Actian’s Avalanche data warehouse business. “We want to encourage people to try Avalanche and experience the promise of high-performance hybrid analytics coupled with low, predictable pricing firsthand.”

This solution incorporates the key features of Actian’s proven DataConnect hybrid data integration offering into the Actian Avalanche hybrid cloud data warehouse to deliver native integration functionality. This capability simplifies and accelerates data warehouse deployment and improves administration. Further, it virtually eliminates the traditional cost and complexity of having to manage a standalone data integration product in conjunction with an enterprise data warehouse. The solution is powered by the Actian Avalanche data warehouse which features Actian’s patented vectorized query engine technology that provides responsiveness and price-performance.