e learning

Easy e-Learning software

eLearning software that you can get within one click and with no initial investment. All your time spent through the market survey and discussions regarding the cost of the online training software.

Positive user experience is the key

The e-Learning software is made to have an easy use and positive user experience thanks to friendly icon navigation supported by extensive user help which is provided by forum and videotutorials. All functional items of this online learning software have the direct access to the help, which significantly reduces the time of adoption the system by user and increases his learning results by online education.

Easy administration of online training software

As full management of YOUR eLearning software is fully in your hands, we have paid attention to make it easy but still powerful. Icon navigation and user rights system gives you the chance distribute the management of different groups, there may be more power users or the online training software may be managed by external company.

Save your time with automated functionality

e-Learning software users (students, team leaders or admins) are fully informed about events, milestones, due dates and other activities, therefore perfectly know and are more pushed to finish their content. All the messaging is fully configurable by you and increases the attention paid to the content but same time minimizes the time spent by management.