Customer satisfaction

How do you know if your product or business is succeeding with consumers?

Market research is all about the consumer and it’s important to know how they feel about a certain product, service or business. But the mind of the consumer is complex and requires many different methods to understand how they think, how they feel and how they are going to react to a product or business. Finding the right company that specializes in customer experience or customer satisfaction is important and can help provide valuable insights into what your customers are thinking. Whether through surveys, customer intercepts, concept testing or journey maps, the right customer experience firm can help navigate the important aspects of the customer journey, give valuable insight to assist with decision-making and help you understand and improve on ways to make your product, service or business more successful with consumers. Here are companies that provide customer experience and customer satisfaction services.

Customer satisfaction, therefore, should not be confused with customer loyalty. Customers are loyal because they are emotionally attached to your brand; a bribe by a competitor in the form of a better offer or a single upset in the service delivery may well be the cause for an otherwise satisfied customer to abandon your brand, whereas a loyal customer is rock solid and has the emotional capacity to see beyond the upset and continue his unwavering support for your brand.