Hosting & Maintenance

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Hosting & Maintenance

We provide web hosting without stress. Unlike a standard hosting company, we provide another layer of support. Rather than just promising uptime, we understand your website, the technology used to build it, it’s needs and how to help with it if something goes wrong, we get you up and running quickly. We provide a technical buffer, we understand the issues for you, so you don’t have to talk to the techies directly.

Domain name registration & management

We provide:

  • Domain search and name recommendation.
  • Domain registration and renewal services.
  • Domain maintenance (DNS assistance).

Web hosting

We provide:

  • Web hosting for simple HTML sites.
  • Web hosting for PHP Content Management sites like WordPress.
  • A second tier of backup.

Making WordPress and other CMS’, a fast, secure experience for your customers

We’ve been working with WordPress for over more years. During that time we’ve worked with our customers to develop a managed hosting solution specifically for WordPress:

  • We maintain regular updates for you.
  • We ensure you have the best speed plug ins so your visitors have the best experience possible, and Google does not penalize your site.
  • We install and updates enhanced security plugins so that you don’t get hacked.

Proactive Monitoring

We keep a close eye on your site’s performance, monitoring each website individually to ensure they operate 24/7. If anything does go wrong we are alerted and react immediately to get you up and running with the minimum of fuss and delay.


We all know backups are critical and like insurance – you never question them it until disaster strikes and you need it! It is also important to backup your complete site, including all database components, posts, pages, comments, plugins, themes, etc – the whole box and dice!

We have thoroughly tested our back-up solution, and know that we can restore your site from the back-up should something happen.

All of our hosting plans include automatic, regular back-ups of your complete installation.