Xsosys Develops And Implements Customized Asset Management System To Yet Another Multinational - PM Control.

25 February, 2014

Developing an asset management system for a company of such high magnitude business was a real challenge to Xsosys. Working to the satisfaction of this highly esteemed client was indeed an honour to Xsosys. The asset management system is technically a very high structure comprising of various sub management systems like material tracking, warranty tracking, customer management etc. The management system initiated the further developing and successful implementation of the system to a full length management system which was later implemented into the entire organization which already had a huge span of activities in nothing less than 45 plus global locations, was undoubtedly yet another milestone for Xsosys.

PM Control is a high level multinational provider of high value multicore energy control solutions specifically for ship building and manufacturing sectors. Comprising of about 100 plus skilled and experienced and dynamic work force in strategic locations like Asia, Singapore, Australia, Jakarta Indonesia and India, pm control offers extraordinary services to very large organisations in Energy and Process sectors. With an enormous capacity to take on customer specific needs, providing them with energy optimization solutions that encompass sophisticated design and development, PM Control Systems is also an appointed Distributor for Woodward Inc. (USA), Regional Technical Partner for ABB (Switzerland), and Value-Added Reseller for L&S Electric Inc. (USA). A few speciality machinery control equipment’s that PM control provides are: governers (they are the industry leaders in supply of governors that are used worldwide to provide reliable and precise control of speed and output in power generation, marine, pump, compression etc.) Actuators (PM control provides actuators that suit a wide range of applications found on industrial turbo machinery and reciprocating engine applications). Voltage regulators (PM Control provides latest generation of ABB automatic voltage regulators (AVR) and static excitation system (SES) based on ABB AC 800PEC high performance processor family for all kinds and sizes of synchronous generators and motors).