Xsosys Succeeds In Developing And Delivering Customized ERP System To The Marine Engineering And Surveying Consultancy - Universal Marine (S) Pte Ltd

31 October, 2013

Xsosys proudly states that it has the honor of providing its total ERP services, which covers all the ERP requirements of the organization. The ERP system that has been implemented in this organization is a full length ERP system that covers almost every vital department of the organization. The ERP system happens to be the first full length ERP system that Xsosys has developed and implemented and has been functioning absolutely fine. The project initially was the development of SAP application but later on the project was rescheduled to the development of full ERP system. Xsosys was able to confirm the project Feb 2014 The project was undertaken and completed successfully by Xsosys, was launched Sep 2014. Universal Marine Surveying and Consultancy (S) Pte Ltd was founded in 1991 with a intention to provide good quality and reliable services pertaining all kinds of marine related inspection activities to its clients. On par with the industry's standards they have continually achieved ISO 9001 standards for quality management since 1998.

Universal Marine Surveying and Consultancy (S) Pte Ltd strives to be a trusted international inspections company offering a wide range of quantity, quality checks and related services, which are designed to assist the safe movement of cargos. The following activities are a few among the unique and unmatched services of this organization, advise on cargo compatibility, Bunker fuel testing, Cargo lines and associated fitting test inspection, Crude oil washing, Inspection of heating coils, Monitoring/testing inert gas system, Safety inspection of tankers, Cargo weighing/tallying, Hull and machinery damage, Towing approval, Marine investigation in relation to contractual disputes, Supervision of repairs, Pre-risk inspection.