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Marble Renewal (S) Pte Ltd

Marble Renewal (S) Pte Ltd, part of a Global network established in September 1996 after being awarded master license from SVI / Marble Renewal™ of Little Rock, Arkansas USA to operate in Singapore and South East Asia. Marble Renewal™ provides stone restoration services using the latest and innovative techniques to give back the beauty of natural stones surfaces for residential and commercial properties.Our staff is trained in Marble tech school in Arkansas with knowledge to treat and handle natural stones with the latest technology. Work carried out can be done in stages, thus avoiding total shutdown and disruption to business.Sample patch can be done at site to offer property owner the actual result of work to be carried out, saving doubts on budget and knowing the expectation of finish work.Over the years we have successfully completed numerous projects supporting various interior design companies and developers, home owners in residential and commercial properties.

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Consolidated Construction and Engineering Pte Ltd

Consolidated Construction and Engineering Pte Ltd, a Singapore BCA registered company engaged in Building and Civil Engineering Works, Architectural Works , Mechanical & Electrical Equipment Installation and Maintenance Works, Fire Protection Works and Scaffolding Works.

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Kah Lam Hardware Engineering Pte Ltd

Kah Lam Hardware Engineering Pte Ltd focuses in providing a wide range of engineering products by means of conventional and advanced machining processes. However, we are not limited to the above-mentioned machining processes and will provide engineering solutions to suit our customer's needs.
Our company was established in 1947, known as Chop Kah Lam, as well-known local trading and machining company. In view of the rapid growth in technology and customer's requirements in the engineering sector, we had developed and transformed into Kah Lam Hardware Engineering Pte Ltd in October 2003. With years of experience in trading and machining, we had expanded vastly and house a group of talented and skilled engineering staff to provide our customers with premium services and top quality products.

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B3 Engineering Pte Ltd

Through dedication and innovation, B3 Engineering has evolved from its humble beginnings as a Fire Protection Service provider to a multi-faceted company offering various services in Building and Civil engineering, Mechanical installation, Electrical and Instrumentation, Maintenance and Scaffolding.Having established in 2003, B3 Engineerring Pte Ltd offers its services in all sectors of construction industry: Building, Infrastructure and Industrial. Based on our history, we are committed to provide quality services to all our customers we serve. B3 Engineering is passionate about what we do, and our passion is what pushes us towards excellence. Our commitment to quality and excellence has also garnered us a great reputation not just locally but overseas as well, earning a partnership with Door Masters Pte Ltd, UAE and Qatar for Fire Protection Works.

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RAMO Industries Pte Ltd.

Founded in early 2007 by Mr. GUNA V., RAMO INDUSTRIES PTE LTD offers Engineering,Procurement &Construction services. We are an ISO 9001 & 14001 and OHSAS 18001, Green and Gracious Builder Certified Company known for its quality, innovation and complete value engineering solutions. We have been quite successful in Engineering, Construction,Notably in Design & Build of Pre Engineered Building Structures, Piping Fabrication & Installation and Civil Engineering Structures like Pipe Racks, Roads, and Drains for the following industries.

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Mutiara (FE) Pte Ltd.

Since its beginning in 2004, Mutiara (FE) Pte Ltd has throughout the years evolved into a safety and environmental conscious, innovative technology based professional contractor. He possess practical and cost effective approach on buildability, constructability and sustainability of a project from conceptual designs, execution of works, up till the successful completion and occupation of the buildings, including setting out of new building, new offices and workshops, steel structures, arresting of building defects, maintenance etc

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Acmes Aircon & Electrical Engineering Pte Ltd

ACMES is a licensed and certified residential and commercial air conditioning, heating, plumbing, and electrical contractor. We employ a highly-skilled staff, certified technicians, consultants, and customer service professionals. Our primary focus is to provide quality service and installation combined with the best products in the industry. Since our inception, we have provided fast, efficient service with our installations maintaining and exceeding current codes and industry standards. Our Energy Savings and Plumbing Service Plans provide necessary preventive maintenance for homes and businesses.

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Flakecoat Technology Pte. Ltd.

Established in 1993 to design, manufacture and apply glass flake reinforced coatings and linings for the protection and refurbishment of various equipment in industries such as building maintenance, marine, offshore operations, petrochemical, power generation, potable water and waste water treatment.Successful solutions and technical support for complex corrosion problems has allowed us to establish a relationship of trust between our customers and ourselves. Specialization in research, design, manufacture and supply coupled with technical support of our applications allows us to offer more solutions thereby increasing our ability to expand our range of applications within established customers.We carry out work in our workshop facility or are able to mobilize to carry out surface preparation and application for most requirements.

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