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Signvec Technology

Signvec Technology was established in 1997 and has to-date made a name for ourselves in the engraving and signcraft industry. We have a full range of laser and rotary engraving, cutting and marking machines as well as solvent inkjet printers and UV Printers.Our products range from the higher end spectrum to cater to those who require high precision and accuracy to the more affordable range where speed and quality are preferred. We pride ourselves not only in providing machines of superior quality but also in prompt after-sales service which to us occupies no less in importance than the sales itself.

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KRS Engineering

KRS Engineering is a locally owned company providing Thermal Insulation (for all kind of piping & equipment’s), Cold & Hot Insulation, Electrical& Instrumentation, Industrial Painting, Fire Proofing, Project Consultation, and Technical Manpower Supply for the engineering sectors. KRS Engineering strives to meet the needs of their clients who have a requirement for quality and timely engineering solutions.They have diversified and grown with an established reputation for the safe and timely delivery of products and services to the quality levels required

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Technihub IEA Solutions Pte

Technihub IEA Solutions Pte Ltd is a subcontractor which deals with instrumentation, Electrical installation and analyzer services for major projects. Since our inception into this industry, we have managed to remain competitive over the years by constantly enriching our workers with new skill sets and knowledge which will aid us in our business. With a dedicated and competent workforce, Technihub IEA Solutions Pte Ltd has always managed to stick to our philosophy of providing reliable and efficient services and Safety Standard as per Singapore Standard.

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Nirmala International Pte Ltd.

With more than 25 years of experience in the timber and commodity trading industry, Mr. S P Biyani incorporated Nirmala International Pte Ltd in 2011. He started trading teak in 1996 from Ghana and Ivory Coast. In 1998 he started exploring opportunities in South America and was amazed at the scale at which teak was planted there. He was convinced that South America was the future of teak.After setting up his operational base in Ecuador, he was the pioneer to export teak logs in containers from Ecuador to India. Thereafter he expanded to Panama, Costa Rica, El-Salvador, Guatemala, Colombia and Mexico in South America. Today, Nirmala is among the top traders in Teak Wood industry.At Nirmala, we also trade in hardwoods from Malaysia, Indonesia and Raw Cashew Nut from Africa and Eucalyptus Core Veneer from Asia.

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Sam Woo ( S.E.A ) Pte. Ltd.

SAM WOO (S.E.A.) was set up by Mr. Manjit Singh Sandhu in January 2001 with a joint collaboration with SAM WOO (Korea) to promote and market ground Anchors. Unfortunately, the construction industry then was a little soft and the demand for the product was not much. By 2003, Mr. Sandhu with the consent of his Korean partners closed the product sale and took over the company. Prior to this Mr. Sandhu was the Managing Director of Davey Constructors Pte Ltd from its inception back in June 1995.

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M&S Management and Contract Services PTE Ltd

M&S Management and Contract Services PTE Ltd was founded by Mr.Manjit Singh sandhu in May 2004. Led and managed by Mr. Sandhu the company has been making big strides in its segment ever since its incorporation. Mr. Sandhu has the repute of managing Davey Constructors Pte Ltd for almost a decades way back from 1995 to 2004. He also has the distinction of growing the company from a mere ten-employee small setup to an 800 employee organization. He then renounced his shares in the company on May 2004 and is now fully devoted in managing M&S Management and Contract Services Pte Ltd. The quality of services has been second to none as usual and the list of clientele is a testiest to our quality and the trust that the clients have placed on us.

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